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DangerLink Server Info


Version: 0.98r (97d99i)
Experience: 60x (weekend 80x)
Drop rate: 70% (weekend 85%)
Box in shop: No

WebShop: NO
Bless Bug: OFF
Max level: 350
Max reset: 45
Stat Points Per level: DK/DW/Elf - 5 MG/DL - 7
Reset level: 330

Points per reset
SM Points: 350
BK Points: 330
ELF Points: 340
MG Points: 420
Reset points: Reset Stats
Check for equipment: On (can`t res with items)
Guild create level: 100
Mana shield formula: 1% = 110 Agi or 230 Ene, Max 80%
Swell of Life formula: 1% = 100 Vit or 60 Ene

Some options in Web
Market (with History)
Zen Bank
Jewel Bank
Refferal system
Notification system
Support system with tickets
Web Warehouse etc.

Premium Options
~Buy Vip
Buy vip status to have premium services
~Hide Info
Hide inventory / location from others
~Add Luck
Add luck to your items
~Chaos Machine
Upgrade your item levels
~Buy Reset
Buy resets to your character
~Buy Dual Inventory
Activate Dual Inventory status
~Buy Dual Stats
Activate Dual Stats status
~Change Race
Change your character race
~Change Name
Change your character name
~Transfer Character
Move your hero to another account

Spots for BK/ME/MG
Spawns for SM/MG

Rates Info
Success Rates:
Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 65%;
Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 85%;
Jewel Of Life Success Rate: 75%;

Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 80%;
Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 90%;
Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 70%;
Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75%;

Server events:
Blood Castle Event
Devil Square Event
Golden Dragon Event
Sky Event - every 2 hours, duration 15 mins
Happy Hour - every weekend bonus exp 20x, drop 15%
Lucky Jewels - every weekend bonus 7% success rate
Party Bonus Exp - 2 players - 70x, 3 players - 75x, 4 players - 80x, 5 players - 85x
Quest System with 30 quests for now:

Quest Info
"Kill 200 Spiders" Reward "6 Jewels of Bless"
"Kill 300 Bull Fighters" "5 Jewels of Soul"
"Kill 150 Death Knights" "10 Jewel of Lifes"
"Kill 350 Stone Golems" "10 Creations"
"Kill 250 Poison Shadows" "2 Rings of Poison"
"Kill 200 Balrogs" "2 Rings of Ice"
"Kill 1500 Devils" Bring "20 Heart of Love" Reward "Kundun Staff"
"Kill 55 Golden Wheels" Bring "10 Fruits" Reward "Mace of the King"
"Kill 650 Hydras" Bring "3 Satan Wings" Reward "ArchAngel Staff"
"Kill 880 Zaikans" Bring "2 Angel Wings " Reward "Giant Bow"
"Kill 1000 Alpha Crust" Bring "8 Storm Crow Armors +0" Reward "Adamantine Gloves"
"Kill 1200 Alpha Crust" Bring "20 Jewel of Chaos" Reward "Adamantine Pants"
"Kill 1400 Alpha Crust" Bring "10 Jewel of Bless" Reward "Adamantine Boots"
"Kill 1600 Alpha Crust" Bring "10 Rena" Reward "Adamantine Mask"
"Kill 1800 Alpha Crust" Bring "15 Jewel of Soul" Reward"Adamantine Armor"
"Kill 1100 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Jewel of Creation" Reward"Storm Mask"
"Kill 1000 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Crystal Sword" Reward "Storm Gloves"
"Kill 1200 Phantom Knight" Bring "24 Mana Shield Scroll" Reward"Storm Pants"
"Kill 1400 Phantom Knight" Bring "15 Twisting Slash" Reward "Storm Boots"
"Kill 2000 Phantom Knight" Bring "24 Teleport Scroll " Reward "Storm Armor"
"Kill 1000 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Gloves" Reward"Nature Gloves"
"Kill 1200 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Pants" Reward "Nature Pants"
"Kill 1400 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Boots" Reward"Nature Boots"
"Kill 1600 Aegis" Bring "12 Nature Helm" Reward "Nature Helm"
"Kill 1100 Lobster" Bring "10 Satan" Reward "Embroidered Gloves"
"Kill 1300 Lobster" Bring "3 Small Axe without Luck" Reward "Embroidered Pants"
"Kill 1500 Lobster" Bring "4 Dinorant" Reward "Embroidered Boots"
"Kill 1700 Lobster" Bring "20 Orb of Blow" Reward"Embroidered Helm"
"Kill 1900 Lobster" Bring "35 Life Swelling Orb" Reward "Embroidered Armor"

Commands Info
/buyvip - с тази опция може да си закупите VIP статус за 2 дни, който ви увеличава EXP с 20%. Струва 220 кредита.

DangerLink Statistics
Total Accounts 1215
Total Characters 2369
Total Guilds 124
Total GameMasters 2
Online: 74
Active In 24 Hours 23

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